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Back injury therapy

When you have suffered a work injury, you should have your entire body treated and not just the one part that was hurt. Your entire body's muscles and bones work together, and one injured part can affect another. West End Chiropractic Center and Dr. Richard A. Bold knows how to help.  

Work injury therapy

Treating the Allentown area for

34 years.  

- Back strains

- Shoulder strains

- Carpal tunnel

- Torn muscles

Work injuries

Don't miss out on necessary medical treatment because of financial concerns. We accept most insurances and will work with you if you do not have insurance.

Flexible payment plans

Spending hours in front of the computer and on your smart phone can affect your body. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, or more, visit our office.  

Adapting to today's digital world

Therapy for your entire body